Environmentally-friendly Roofing Options You Can Use in Mckinney

When looking for roofing materials, most individuals opt for affordable, durable, and also environmentally friendly.

There are numerous eco-friendly roof materials one can make a selection from that depend on the equipment, costs, design of the home, and personal preferences.

A Mckinney roofing company is not just a one size fits all situation.

Follow along as we discuss top options for one’s home.

Cool Roof

Any covering with the lighter colored material is known as a cool roof. As the name suggests, roofs have a cooling effect as it already reflects most of the sun’s rays. Cool roof units offer an added advantage as there will be no need to utilize air conditioners during the day, resulting in significant savings in summer energy bills.


Standing-seam Metal Materials

This is the type of material that is longer lasting, is a 100% recyclable, and reflects light. Not only are these advantageous to homeowners who are environmentally conscious. But also, to those who are interested in investing in a good roof.

You can improve the situation by choosing a metal roof that was made from recycled materials and consist of lighter colors. These materials will last for up to 50 years. Furthermore, it is fire-resistant and ideal for individuals who wish to harvest rainwater and use it in their gardens.


One would also refer to this kind of roofing material as a sustainable wood shake. Those of you who are interested in more of a classic appearance, wood shingles turn out to be a perfect choice.

Corrugated Roofs

This is a very durable and economical home design as corrugated materials are strong and able to stand against the most extreme weather conditions. Thanks to advanced technology, this type of material does not come in a curved sheet of metal or plastic form. There are all types of styles and colors made available as well. Due to its versatility, manufacturers can present homeowners with various designs. Furthermore, your roof will have a neat appearance and be so much lighter, making it easy to repair.

Clay Roof or Reclaimed Slate

Since we can remember, slate and clay tiles have been used. One of the eco-friendliest options would be reclaimed tiles. You just have to take a look at a Spanish Villa where the roof would sport red clay tiles with more of a standard curve. Slate tiles, on the other hand, complemented classy historical homes.

These can easily last up to a century. Now, you will come across light-colored tiling which offers numerous cooling benefits.

Shingles Made from Recycled Materials

Most of the shingle materials being sold are manufactured from recycled content like rubber, wood fiber, and plastic. They are considered the greenest roofing product ever and are affordable as well as serve as the ideal alternative to those who cannot afford slate roofs. Like metal, these too will last for more than 50 years.

Rubber Materials

Rubber shingles are reinforced with old steel-belted tires and coated with ground slate to improve the texture. It is the kind of roofing that feature numerous colors. What is more, it is also resistant to storms and other severe weather conditions.

Tips on Making the Most of Eco-Friendly Roof Materials

Roofing is something that should be tackled by professional roofers like Carsa Construction & Roofing as it involves dealing with great heights and heavy materials. Furthermore, tackling such projects require a high number of skills and knowledge.

If you want to be involved in your projects, you should have done this kind of work before or possess sufficient knowledge in carpentry.

Lacking the know-how of installing or repairing roofing, means you need to assist professional roofers in completing the project. Even if you happen to be an expert, it is not advisable doing it on your own.

There are various eco-friendly roof materials on the market. Ensure you compare the different options made available by your local roofing company in Mckinney. Check their warranty, storm ratings, and fire ratings.

When the time comes to replace your roof, you may need to get a building permit from the local authorities and pass the inspection. Also, ensure the building department approves the kind of material you decided on using.

If unsure speak to professional Roofers.